Riadenie spokojnosti zákazníkov – Bodové hodnotenie

Jedným z kľúčov k obchodnému úspechu je lojalita zákazníkov. DNV Business Assurance ponúka rad služieb bodových hodnotení, ktorých cieľom je podporiť organizácie v riadení a neustálom zlepšovaní spokojnosti zákazníkov.

Loyal customers generate repeated orders and are less susceptible to buying from a competitor. Customer loyalty starts with satisfied customers. The ISO 10001-2-3-4 customer satisfaction management (CSM) standards can be applied to ensure continual improvement of customer experiences.

Most organizations, even those certified to Quality Management Standards such as ISO 9001, have a reactive approach to customer satisfaction management. They primarily react to complaints and will many times fail to use the lessons learned to prevent future dissatisfaction. Employees will often dread dealing with unhappy customers, and top management fails to understand the importance of robust channels to allow for customer feedback and follow up.

Four guidance standards

The four guidance standards, ISO 10001-2-3-4, aim to assist organizations in managing customer satisfaction. These are guidelines, and not meant for certification purposes. They are ideal for scored assessments, which will show you the performance level of your organization. You can choose to be assessed to one of the four standards, a combination, or be assessed to all. The standards cover different aspects of customer satisfaction management:

  • ISO 10001 provides guidance for planning, designing, developing, implementing, maintaining and improving customer satisfaction codes of conduct.
  • ISO 10002 provides guidance on the process of complaints-handling related to products/services within an organization.
  • ISO 10003 provides guidance for an organization to plan, design, develop, operate, maintain and improve an effective and efficient dispute-resolution process for complaints that have not been resolved by the organization.
  • ISO 10004 provides guidance in defining and implementing processes to monitor and measure customer satisfaction.

Benefits of scored assessment

We assesses customer satisfaction management systems against the ISO guidance standards through a scored assessment protocol. The resulting report will provide:

  • Full visibility regarding the effectiveness, strengths, weaknesses, risks and opportunities for improvement in the area of CSM.
  • Coexistence of a conformity assessment (and related certificate, such as ISO 9001) and a deep dive assessment on the theme of CSM.
  • Internal benchmark and utilization for KPIs assessment.
  • Supportive of an organization’s self-assessment efforts.
  • Encourage transparency regarding the organization’s CSM performance and raise internal morale.
  • Demonstrate progress and provide evidence of both compliance and performance to suppliers and customers.

The effective management of customer satisfaction is paramount for any organization’s long term prosperity. With the scored assessment from DNV - Business Assurance, you have a powerful tool to monitor and improve on your performance in this crucial area.

How can we help?

We perform the scored assessment as a third party. The assessment is structured in three different levels, allowing you to improve your CSM performance over time. 

Our CSM-SA protocol is structured in 3 levels, facilitating the organization’s journey towards higher customer satisfaction. Our CSM Scored Assessments can be performed as an extension of our traditional quality system certification audits (ISO 9001, AS/EN 9100, ISO 13485 etc.) or as a stand-alone assessment. If the assessment score qualifies to level of 1 or above, on a scale from 1-3, a Statement of Assessment will be issued. Our CSM Scored Assessments can help you on the way to sustainable business performance.



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