My Story™ digital product passport

Allow your consumers to trust the origin and sustainability of your products

Today, it is difficult to make sense of the many claims brands make about their products and services. Consumers are more aware than ever of being misled, particularly in relation to how “green” a brand is, yet some companies persistently give a false impression of their environmental impacts or benefits – a practice known as greenwashing.

Whether the claim relates to the product’s carbon footprint, place of origin, nutritional score or human rights record, My Story™ helps brands to eradicate mistrust by showing verified information to consumers in a transparent, accessible and personal way. 

What is My Story™?

My Story™ is DNV’s digital product passport which can be placed on product packaging or other marketing channels, ready to be accessed by anyone simply by scanning it on your smartphone.

As a global assurance provider and partner to businesses of all sizes, specialties and locations, DNV collaborates with brands to independently verify their sustainability, safety, compliance and other credentials, and to showcase them to the public in an effective and engaging way.

What information can it provide about your product or brand?

You can choose to include any of the below features, with personalized text, imagery and data to suit your needs.

MyStory - image

What are the benefits?

For brands: 

  • You can share your credentials relating to traceability, sustainability, product safety certifications, and more, in one centralized location
  • You can connect with your consumers directly and get digital insights into their purchase behaviors
  • No greenwashing! Your claimsshown on My Story™ are verified by DNV and logged transparently on the blockchain

For consumers:  

  • My Story™ creates an immersive experience for consumers, not limited to the use of the product but extended to its farming, production and transportation journey
  • Consumers can receive reassurance about their purchasing choices and find products that reflect their values and lifestyle, establishing brand loyalty and increasing the price they are willing to pay
  • More digital experiences can be created from My Story™, from being able to share its content on social media, to being able to stay in touch with producers
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