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The DEVELOP package combines our online self-assessment tool and go-to-expert offer with the START package guidelines and training. In addition to providing knowledge needed on the new ISO requirements, it helps you identify gaps in your management system’s transition readiness. By understanding your management system’s degree of compliance, you can quickly identify necessary actions to complete the transition journey.

The DEVELOP package is available for ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO 45001, ISO 22000 and ISO 50001. Below you find the description of the baseline DEVELOP package that we offer. There may be slight local variations in the different countries where we operate. 


  • Online self-assessment: A structured self-assessment focused on the most important new requirements.
  • Go-to-expert: A seasoned auditor comments on your self-assessment results and with whom you can discuss the new ISO requirements and most common implementation pitfalls.
On top of:
  • Guideline: the standard(s) and requirements
  • Explanation of changes: main changes compared to the previous standard version
  • Migration process guide: a road-map and guidance on the transition process
  • New ISO 2015 – explanation of changes 
  • Risk based thinking (e-learning)
  • High Level Structure, leadership and context of the organization (e-learning)
  • Transition courses (public course or e-learning)

Key benefits

  • Overall view of your management system maturity.
  • Identification and prioritization of actions to make your management systems compliant to the new requirements.
  • Quantitative indication of the degree of compliances.
  • Break-down into management system main processes and sub-areas providing a more granular analysis.
  • An experienced auditor providing insight into the results of the self-assessment.
  • Build awareness of and discuss the most common pit-falls when it comes to the new requirements.
In addition to:
  • Build an understanding of the new standard(s), requirements, rationale and logic.
  • Immediately understand where to focus.
  • Gain complete understanding of the process of transitioning to the new version.
  • Get insight into possible opportunities for improvement .
  • Obtain indication of your readiness to adopt the new requirements.

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