BCS web platform: facility assets technical compliance made simple

Take complexity out of compliance with DNV’s Building Compliance Solution (BCS), an automated web platform to effectively manage your building assets.

DNV’s Building Compliance Solution (BCS) web platform provides companies with timely control of applicable technical regulations for their asset portfolio. It automatically generates an action plan to ensure asset compliance, complete with due dates and management of suppliers. Upon implementation, it creates an overview of existing compliance gaps and can auto-generate tender documents to quickly contract suppliers and close non-conformities. You get total control of your asset compliance with a single, digital and secure dashboard.


DNV’s BCS web platform gives you real-time compliance information, tracking up to 100,000 sites in only seconds:

  • Collect all facility assets digitally in a single dashboard for one total overview;
  • Live update of any changes in legal technical requirements;
  • Auto-generate compliance maintenance plans for an instant overview of gaps;
  • Select specific assets to generate technical specifications for suppliers to quickly close gaps;
  • Dive into detailed information on specific buildings with the click of a button;
  • Automated scheduling of your compliance plan, with alerts that help you source suppliers and close actions in a timely manner;
  • Visual navigation of all buildings;
  • Instant reporting for easy sharing with internal and external stakeholders.

To start benefitting from the BSC web platform, all asset documents must be digital. DNV can support you in digitizing the assets. If already digital, this data can easily be integrated with the BSC web platform regardless of your current solution.  The asset data is securely stored and protected with permission-based access to you and authorized personnel only.

Our offering

DNV’s BSC web platform is part of a wider building compliance solution of linked services.

  • Digitalization of assets. To start using the BCS web platform, all facility asset documentation must be digital for it to be uploaded into the platform.  This can also be provided as a stand-alone service, the digital asset documentation used when creating plan drawings or 3D models of buildings and assets.
  • BSC web platform. This includes preparation, implementation and running of the web platform. Preparation means to get you ready and set up on the platform, including uploading digital facility assets into the BCS web platform or integrating with a repository already holding your digital asset documentation.
  • Add-on maintenance software service. This is a separate module for managing ordinary facility maintenance, i.e. operational maintenance not subject to compliance requirements.  The maintenance software can be integrated with the BCS web platform.
  • Data/document verification service. A periodic audit of formal compliance documentation uploaded in the BCS platform to close non-conformities ensures the quality of documentation, verifying that gaps are properly closed and providing an added layer of security that all actions are compliant. 

All services are delivered by DNV and solution partners.

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