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What can we expect from the IMO in the next 12 months?

Podcast | Host Eirik Nyhus discusses what the IMO has on its agenda for the next 12 months following MEPC 76 in June. This episode will also highlight what shipping businesses can do now to prepare for future regulations.

  • Maritime

Exploring EU – Fit for 55

Podcast | In this episode of the podcast, host Eirik Nyhus explores the EU’s latest package of greenhouse gas regulations and how the Fit for 55 decarbonization project will affect shipping businesses.

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What did we learn about CII and SEEMP+ at MEPC 76?

Podcast | The IMO's environmental committee MEPC is intensely engaged in establishing a viable pathway to the decarbonization of shipping. In this episode, host Eirik Nyhus explains what SEEMP+ and CII mean for the maritime sector and how businesses need to take action for compliance.

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Decarbonize shipping

The pressure is on for the maritime industry to decarbonize. To help navigate these complex challenges, DNV has gathered up-to-date information to help turn uncertainty into confidence.

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The DCS and MRV requirements are mandatory, and the first step in a larger process to collect and analyse emissions data

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Maritime cyber security

Why cyber security is essential for the different maritime stakeholders – watch the video and explore ISM guidance, FAQs and more

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